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At 02:54 AM 1/9/00 -0000, Anonymous wrote:
>OK, how many are left once all cypherpunks that did anything
>to "prepare for Y2K" are written off as cretins with miserable
>cognitive abilities, zero perception and inability to correctly
>extrapolate more than 5 seconds into the future ?
>I think that this was a good test. And many failed. I will certainly
>not take seriously anything from someone I know was "preparing for Y2K" *.

How do you feel about those who, say, live on a populated tectonic
fault and maybe are keeping some stored supplies?

Or are cypherpunks supposed to wait for the nat'l guard to
save our dependent asses?

Grow pot: Seeds, soil, sun, water.  Possession of this information
may be a felony.