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Re: Too much jerking off....

I guess you don't believe in freedom of speech after all.

Lizard wrote:
> At 04:15 PM 1/9/00 -0500, Jodi Hoffman wrote:
> >Lizard:
> >
> >       First of all, I already know how to crochet.
> >
> >       Secondly, the moral disintegration of society is only a pagan's
> >idea of fun, not mine.  How would you like it if your little girl had to
> >run the risk of watching some pervert masturbating simply because she
> >wanted to go to the library to do research on antique crochet patterns?
> >
> And the liklihood of this risk is? I daresay it is somewhat less than the
> liklihood of her being hit by a car.
> In any event, your protestations would be more acceptable if you didn't
> also consider that laws should be passed to prevent the 'risk' of that
> child reading this mailing list, and wish to place those who post to it in
> jail.
> >       Masturbating in the presence of a minor child is a second degree
> >felony in the state of Florida.  Apparently, according to your
> >standards, you should be free to go out and commit similar second or
> >third degree felonies with no legal consequence.  Do you really think
> >that society has no legitimate interest in enforcing law?
> I suspect that the number of such 'felons' is extremely minimal, and,
> further, most belong in mental hospitals rather than prisons.
> (The vast majority of laws serve no useful purpose and should be done away
> with. The sole function of law is protect rights. Is there really such a
> thing as a 'right' to not see an unpleasant sight? Would you jail those who
> picked their nose or farted in public?)
>   If you really
> >believe this law is morally unjust, I challenge you to go masturbate in
> >public and get arrested to protest the law, not just sit back and make
> >smug comments from the safety of your computer terminal.
> >
> I also believe laws against gambling, prostitution, and heroin usage are
> unjust. I have no desire to visit an illegal casino in the companionship of
> a Woman of Easy Virtue and shoot up in order to protest such laws, nor do I
> think anyone would accuse me of hypocrisy for being so unwilling.
> In any event, you have just attempted to convince me to commit a felony.
> What is the penalty for criminal incitement in your state? Will you be
> turning yourself in, or shall I call the police. Jim Ray - you're a Florida
> local. Care to do the honors?

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