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Re: Chinese Fly Red Flag With Ban On Microsoft

Matthew Gaylor wrote:
            "The important government ministries will not permit the 
>            of Windows 2000 on their computers,"  the paper said,  citing
>            senior   officials.  Instead,  they would use the "Red  Flag"
>            Chinese operating system based on the rival "Linux" platform.
>            Older  versions of Windows currently dominate the  burgeoning
>            computer  industry in China,  though few of the  millions  of
>            copies  sold  earn a single cent for the  company's  founder,
>            Bill Gates.

This is an old story and apparently they took back some of these

The interesting question is "Will all the Chinese "Red Hat" changes be 
donated back as the GPL requires?".

Me thinks not.

At least its not the Cultural "Revolution".  Although the Chinese could 
always spare another 65 million residents.