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Re: Re: Security by Not Peeking

BPM Mixmaster Remailer wrote:
> At 05:56 PM 1/9/00 -0800, Eric Cordian wrote:
> >It's much like a book held shut with a small strip of masking tape, upon
> >which is printed "By Removing This Tape And Opening This Book, Reader
> >Agrees Not to Read Page 36."
> But if you buy the book knowing the terms of the
> contract/license first, where's the coercion?

Erm, last I looked software licenses were hidden *inside* the box.  You don't
get to read them until you pay your money and walk out the door.   It's more
like the books are already sealed, and the sticker says "If you open this seal,
you cannot return the book" and then once you open the seal, there's another
inside that has "By using this book you agree to not read page 36."

You didn't have a view of that condition until AFTER the purchase, so how is it
that you agreed to it again?

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