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Re: Reese-Choate physics

At 07:20 AM 1/10/00 -0000, lcs Mixmaster Remailer wrote:

>And you're willing to ignore mechanics since the renaissance 
>to make the world fit your beliefs.

Which mechanics?  Bullets that aren't discharged straight up - or nearly
straight up (TCM said 45 degrees, I think steeper than that may be
required) aren't truly falling, as they have not expended their initial

A bullet freefalls at around 120 mph, same as humans - I know a parachutist
who stepped out with a .45, a .38 and a .223 bullet, released them after
getting stable and watched them match his rate of descent, until he popped
his 'chute.  That's 176 fps, a 90 mph baseball is 132 fps, just for
comparison.  That's LESS than wrist rocket velocities.  

Hence, such people aren't hit by "falling bullets" - they are shot as a
result of a negligent discharge.  The bullet may described a very high arc,
but it's still a ballistic trajectory.

And Fuck You,,, my last name isn't Choate.