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unseen licenses *are* bogus (fwd)

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Date: 11 Jan 2000 05:20:07 -0000
From: lcs Mixmaster Remailer <[email protected]>
Subject: CDR: unseen licenses *are* bogus

At 07:00 PM 1/10/00 -0500, Sunder wrote:
>BPM Mixmaster Remailer wrote:

>> But if you buy the book knowing the terms of the
>> contract/license first, where's the coercion?
>Erm, last I looked software licenses were hidden *inside* the box.  You don't
>get to read them until you pay your money and walk out the door.   It's 
>You didn't have a view of that condition until AFTER the purchase, so how is it
>that you agreed to it again?

In such cases, you are absolutely right.  I was writing about
the licenses on the package, out front, where consent is possible.  

[ Consent is possible even with click-through license. Simply ask for a
  demo install. ]


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