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Re: Reese-Choate physics (fwd)

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:02:35 -1000
From: Reese <[email protected]>
Subject: CDR: Re: Reese-Choate physics

At 07:20 AM 1/10/00 -0000, lcs Mixmaster Remailer wrote:

>And you're willing to ignore mechanics since the renaissance 
>to make the world fit your beliefs.

Which mechanics?  Bullets that aren't discharged straight up - or nearly
straight up (TCM said 45 degrees, I think steeper than that may be
required) aren't truly falling, as they have not expended their initial

A bullet freefalls at around 120 mph, same as humans - I know a parachutist
who stepped out with a .45, a .38 and a .223 bullet, released them after
getting stable and watched them match his rate of descent, until he popped
his 'chute.  That's 176 fps, a 90 mph baseball is 132 fps, just for
comparison.  That's LESS than wrist rocket velocities.  

Hence, such people aren't hit by "falling bullets" - they are shot as a
result of a negligent discharge.  The bullet may described a very high arc,
but it's still a ballistic trajectory.

[ Conservation of momentum requires that irrespective of the angle of
  incidence the bullet may have when it leaves the barrel, that it will
  have that same amount minus frictional effects when it comes down.

  The bullets drop at roughly the same rate because gravity is constant
  and the resistance to air flow is aout equal for all bodies. It is
  not comparable in any realistic way as an example of bullet dynamics
  after being thrown out a barrel at several thousand feet-per-second.

  The difference in air density along the flight patch is significant
  with respect to friction between a vertical and a horizontal flight
  so those factors must be added as well. Also, especialy in urban
  areas low grazing shots are more likely to hit a building or other
  generaly vertical surface. Rounds fired more vertical however tend 
  to plunge, that implies they hit roofs. I would suspect a bullet
  would retain more energy in a vertical path than a horizontal one.
  I don't think that difference would come anywhere to approaching
  an order of magnitude however. ]


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