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PI Compression

                      PI Compression
It may have been discussed here months ago, but my favorite bogus
compression scheme is "pi compression". Any number like pi or 
SQRT(2) can be represented as an infinite sequence of non-repeating
bits (there are repetitive patterns, but eventually the sequence
breaks out). A finite bit string can be represented simply as the
starting location and length in pi.

Since all possible finite bit strings are, by definition, contained
in the unending cavalcade of bits in pi, all literary works, radio
programs, TV, 3D holos, feelies, etc for all sentient species from 
the remotest past to the distant future, in every possible alternate
universe is in little old pi.

PI has been in the public domain from antiquity, therefore all parts
of pi are public domain, just like every chapter, paragraph, sentence,
word and bit are parts of a book. 

Who would dare argue against these reasonable assertions?

Kent - kent_hastings@qmail2.aero.org.