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Re: hohocon

"Alan (Gesture Man) Wexelblat" <wex@media.mit.edu> writes:
[regarding hohocon...]
> Problem: how much trust do you have for a temporary site set up to give
> Internet access?  Can you assure yourself they're not capturing your telnets
> and remote logins?

Or can you be sure that anyone who might have access to any portion of the
physical wire at any conference isn't doing it?  Well, hohocon might be a
good place for the Austin Cypherpunks to test out a version of telnet and
ftp that should do Diffie-Hellman encryption, provided there is a machine
or two running a version of some PC freenix...   

For people at hohocon itself we will be passing out a first draft of a
"crypto infodisk" with collections of articles and information about
cryptography and the importance of strong encryption in the current debate.
Depending on how long it takes us to get things together we might also have
a crypto source disk for people.  If people can think of other things of
cypherpunk interest we might be able to put onto disks to pass around let
me know.