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Re: How the cypherpunks nearly got me fired (long)

> Michael Sattler says:
> > At 22:10 1/31/95, David Mandl wrote:
> > 
> > [really horrid story about true life at a corporate dinosaur deleted]
> I'm a consultant. However, I won't take on clients with sufficiently
> distasteful business practices. This is something I consider to be
> sufficiently distasteful.
> Perry


Good net access and good business practices are becoming requirements for
employment for many techies now.

It might be worthwhile to start keeping a list, a la 'The Great Piss List'
(whatever happened to it?), on business practices and net availability
at various companies.  Not to mention use and attitude toward privacy,
encryption, etc.  A name...  How about "Cyber-Work-Space Report".

I'll volunteer to start the list if people want to email me anything.
I can put it on my (slow but permanent) web site also.  Even if I
don't have much time, which is probable, I can make the messages available.

I can come up with details on at least 4.  The only issue I can think
of is being careful of not violating non-disclosures, but for the most
part I don't think it'll be a problem.  It's not much different from
asking: "How's the cafeteria", or "is the phone system nice".  I'll
also strip identity if requested.  You could always write a
description and ask for an OK from your manager to tell friends
because it would help them decide whether to work there.  (Which is
actually true.)

Since this is only partially tied into to cypherpunks, feel free to cross-
post and add attributes.

Initial attribute list:


Type of job:
(ie.: techies probably have more likelyhood of net access, etc.)

(ie.: things promised or talked about seriously)

Privacy of email:

Routine scanning:

Encourage/discourage encryption:

Key management:
(ie.: Any planning for the 'Mack truck' scenario)

Net Access:
(email/Netnews/telnet/ftp(in/out)/irc/aol/various/Web server(public/internal),
 Business only/Educational-curiosity/Full use (a true fringe))

(What was the argument used to get and/or maintain net access)

Platforms and software typically used:

Strategies used, good or bad, to limit 'addiction':

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