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Re: Banks and Crypto

At 11:29 PM 7/26/95, Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
>At 13:25 7/26/95, KDAGUIO@aba.com wrote:
>>See attached file: F:\OFFILES\KODMAIL.MSG

>Is there ANY reason why you did not just paste the text of this file into
>your message?

Cluelessness? Carelessness? Some version of "-lessness", I'm sure...

>Also, if you are going to attach files in lieu of writing
>messages, it might be useful to mention what Wordprocessor was used to
>create the file so it can be read. In this case, what format is your file

I just used a special feature on my Mac to deal with it. It's called a
"trash can".

Please remember that almost all such attachments, unless identified (even
if identified, actually) usually get deleted.

To paraphrase The Immortal: "ASCII R00lz!"

Bob Hettinga

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