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Re: Risk v. Charity (was: RE: Workers Paradise. /Political rant

Personally, I paid my way through uni...full fees. I took out a loan 
when I developed cancer to pay  for it (as the health insurance was 
not finalised for aproval - so they got out of paying). The few 
months I was unemployed after I left the military because of a 
confict of interests I earned money by doing whatever I could get 
(even though I am an engineer I have worked in a petrol station). So 
why and for what reason sould I have to pay several 10's of thousands 
each year to support others. I have never taken help from the 
govenment, I do not feel I should have to pay as well.
And what am I paying for...to protect the status quo. I believe that 
there is more than enough help for ppl available. They just need to 
get off their butts and work.

> > [email protected] (Timothy C. May) wrote:
> > >"Saving for a rainy day," whether saving, investing, getting an education
> > (while others are out partying), preparing, etc., all takes effort and
> > commitment. If those who save and prepare are then told they have to pay
> > high taxes to support those who partied....well, the predictable effect 
> > [...] is _more_ people in agony. When you tell people that a compassionate
> > society will meet their basic needs, a predictable fraction of them will choose
> > not to work hard and prepare themselves.
> > 
> > Two questions, two observations:
> > Do you have health insurance?
> > Do you have life insurance?
> Yes, so?
> Yes, so?

Myself also yes,yes 

> > I have commented on your line of reasoning before and and it still
> > seems to me that an important part of the discussion is missed.
> > Specifically, that anyone can "save for a rainy day" and still not be
> > able to provide for events that can always happen: Heart attack, stroke,
> > car accident, pinched nerve that leaves you in excruciating pain and
> > unable to work for several years.
> Understand what it is you are saying.

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