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Re: Sandy and the Doc

Sandy Sandfort wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Dale Thorn wrote:
> > Your/Gilmore's *renaming* of the original list, and co-opting of the
> > *original* name for the edited list is prima facie evidence of bad
> > faith,...

> Sophist, paranoid nonsense.  This one-month test is of a
> moderated *Cypherpunks* list.  So there was no renaming.
> The unedited list was a gimme for cry babies such as Dale.

Lookie here, folks.  This is the flaming jerk who'll be editing your
posts to the list.  Note that we have a NEW admission from the Sandy
man: the unedited list was NOT in fact a given.  BTW, John Gilmore
says just the opposite.

> When the test is complete, things will go back to the previous
> status if that's what folks want.  If not, Cypherpunks will
> continue as a moderated list (of some sort, further test may be
> conducted if list members want).

Again, contrary to Gilmore's statement(s).  Who is this guy, and is
he taking over Gilmore's persona or something?