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Re: Remailer problem solution?

Sergey Goldgaber <[email protected]> writes:
> -> >1. Accept and send PGP encrypted messages only.
> -> 
> -> This "works" in that it reduces the number of people subjected to messages
> -> they don't want to see, but it also makes it more difficult (or impossible)
> -> to use remailers for tasks like:
> -> 
> -> sending info to crypto-illiterate reporters/politicians/whatever
> -> ("whistleblowing")
> -> sending messages to newsgroups and mailing lists which don't have a shared
> -> private key
> This is only a practical problem related to PGP's lack of popularity.
> The proposed solution will work in the long run, assuming PGP achieves
> great popularity.  Thus, education of the public concerning PGP and remailers
> will help make this solution more effective.

Yeah, but if we get to the stage where most people with email
addresses have PGP keys, sending messages encrytped with PGP won't
reduce the number of people subjected to messages the don't want to

A side benefit of using PGP, is that PGP encryption should add some
overhead to the spammer -- he can probably encrypt less messages per
second than he can spam down a T3 link.


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