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Re: "why privacy" revisited

Robert Hettinga wrote:
> At 8:48 pm -0500 on 3/23/97, Peter D. Junger wrote:
> > On the other hand the strongest proponent of interning the Japanese
> > was the governor of California:  Earl Warren.
> Thank you, Peter, for what I believe is the most singular example of the
> two sides of the statism coin I've ever seen.
> Seen with the traditional liberal/conservative political worldview, it
> makes no sense for the famous compassionate liberal judge Earl Warren,
> whose supreme court presided over the creation of the world's largest
> welfare state, to advocate what is on its face an extremely conservative
> act -- the internment of thousands of Japanese Americans in concentration
> camps -- in his earlier role as a state governor.
> Viewed from the statism/freedom standpoint, it is completely logical, that
> is, "We're your nation-state. We're stronger than you are, and we'll take
> what we damn well please from you, including your life, if necessary."
> In the case of the Japanese concentration camps, it was taking the personal
> freedom of Japanese Americans. In the case of the judicially activist
> Warren court's welfare state, it was the confiscation of assets from
> productive members of society in violation of the laws of economics, which
> in turn caused misery for the increasing dole-dependant millions. People
> who are now much less free than they ever were before the creation of the
> "Great Society".

  It humbles me to realize that I had completely overlooked this example
of the evil forces lurking in the background (and under the bed) being
involved in the duplicity of even using the bleeding heart liberals to
imprison and slowly bleed us of both our wealth and our freedom.
  If you wish to devote more of your time to exposing these types of
dark undercurrents to those on the CypherPunks list, then Dale and I
would be more than happy to run the eca$h lists for a while, to free
up your time. (What are friends for, eh?)
"The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre"