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NEWS: Re: Big Brother is watching

At 10:17 PM 9/3/97 -0700, Lucky Green wrote:
>BTW, just for the record, I believe that we live in a consumer society and
>the People choose the government they want. The average person doesn't care
>who thinks for them as long as they don't have to think for themselves and
>can pretend to themselves that it was in fact they who did the thinking.
>The People desire a master, not a revolution.
Excerpt from the not so distant future.
The FBI, NSA, and all local fire departments merged today in an unexpected
congressional action.  This merger was supported highly by the good populus
of our great nation as it makes it easier for the authorities to keep tabs
on those thinkers that keep stirring the people up.  Various professors were
unavailable for comment.
Said one congressman.  "We needed this merger and throwing in the fire
departments seemed a good idea since everyone knows that all buildings are
now fireproofed.  We feel that the firemen's experience with containing the
blazes will do well for creating controlled fires with which to destroy
contraband.  It is also noted that the water trucks that they use can
readily be converted to carry kerosine.
First on the list to be destroyed is every copy of the constitution, which
has caused too much grief of late.  Everyone has a 14 day leneniency in
which to turn in their copies.  Please remember that all media is included
including, but not limited to, CD-ROM's with the terrible screed, pages in
encyclopedias with the infamous words, and handwritten copies.