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Re: ANON: Sysadmin Policies at Universities (and HS)

	From [email protected] Fri Mar  5 13:56:06 1993

	Here is the responce I got as to WHY I CANT RUN A REMAILER IN

Why do you continue to think it's "your" account?

If you want to have such a thing to call "your account" you're welcome
to plunk down some $$$, buy a machine, get yerself a network link, and
remail to your heart's content.  If I were another CS student at UB, I
would be bummed if the scarce (by your account, and by most others at
universities) cycles I needed to get my homework done were being given
away to folks all over the world via a remailer.

That's all those machines need is more sendmail processes running :-)