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Re: ANON: Sysadmin Policies at Universities (and HS)

Jordan Hayes stated in the last message:
>From [email protected] Fri Mar  5 14:48:05 1993
>Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 14:04:19 EST
>From: [email protected] (Jordan Hayes)
>Subject: Re: ANON: Sysadmin Policies at Universities (and HS)
>	From [email protected] Fri Mar  5 13:56:06 1993
>	Here is the responce I got as to WHY I CANT RUN A REMAILER IN
>Why do you continue to think it's "your" account?

[argues that I should get my own network link and then run a remailer on
"my" machine]

>That's all those machines need is more sendmail processes running :-)

Well, "the" account has "my" name stamped all over it.  With a few
resstrictions... I have full use of the account.  But that's not
proof.  Here's proof... quoting from UB's own computing policy ...
(which I am now THOUROULY familiar with!  :->  )

>acquiring an account in another person's name, or using an account without 
>the explicit permission of the owner and the full knowledge of Academic

>     It is mandatory that the owner of an account be careful to keep the
>account secure by keeping the password secret, changing the password

Even the policy seems to agree that someone is an "owner" of a given
account.  It doesn't mention that ACS (Academic Computing Services) is
the "owner" of the account.  Need I say more?

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