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anonymous services

>A service which can be used as easily as anon.penet.fi would certainly be 

Right now the cypherpunks remailers are designed as a back end.
Clever people can program the back end directly, but it's not for

It's the user's software that should provide a good front end.  

>I'd also like to see encryption available as an option. Ideally, 
>messages would not _have_ to be encrypted. 

That's the way the current remailers work (with the exception of Miron
Cuperman's).  But fundamentally, there's no good reason not to
encrypt, except, of course, for the last hop out of a Usenet post.
The user's front end software should encrypt automatically.

Remember, you need to encrypt everything, so that when you really need
the protection, it doesn't appear as though anything is different.

>This would also accomodate people within the U.S. who want to use the 
>service put are afraid of Mr. Sternlight. :-)

The remailers could just as easily be built on top of RSAREF.
Licensing is a red herring for this project.