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Re: State Declaration of Ind.


In list.cypherpunks, [email protected] writes:

> What a waste of time. There is no way that any reasonable person will accept
> or support such an action. Wake up and smell the roses dude...

No?  I lived in Alaska for 21 years.  During this time, no less than 3
efforts were fielded to secede from the Union.  All 3 got a large
(although non-binding) number of signatures (including mine, FWIW).

> If you really want to fix the problem them how about reading the Constitution
> and demanding that your EXISTING representatives uphold the sacred oath they
> have sworn to uphold. 
> Yes, this country has problem. No, they are nowhere near bad enough to render
> the union.

Ever since the breakup of the former Soviet Union, I have wondered just
what _is_ holding the USA together.  Within our borders, I think we show
far more diversity than the former USSR had.  Yet we remain "unified",
even in the face of ever-growing erosion of citizens' rights.

I think if a few states were to secede, it would be a great wake-up
call!  The FedGov would have to react somehow.  If they aquiesced, end
of problem and we become a loosly allied group of independent republics.
(maybe... or perhaps we don't ally at all) If they retaliate with force
(which, unfortunately, I think is the more likely outcome), they will be
showing their true totalitarian stripe.
> Get a clue.

That looked like a mighty good clue to me.
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