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Cabel TV's new specs require leaky encryption

Cablelabs, a reasearch institute for US cable companies, whose members
provide 85% of the cable service in the US and 70% in Canada, has release

"Request For Proposals for a Telecommunications Delivery System over a
Hybrid Fiber/Coax (HFC) Architecture"

This RFP contains the final specs for a new multimedia architecture the
cable companies intend to deploy.

Here are some quotes:

".c4.  Security System Objectives:
 The Offeror shall specify [..] whether it is possible to hide information
in the digital signature number of which the signer would be unaware, which
could conceal information. "

Such as parts of the key?

and under .c3.11.7.2    Privacy:
" It should be possible to manage encryption keys and provide them to law
enforcement agencies on demand."

Big Brother is watching you. Through your TV.

The full doccument is available at

-- Lucky Green <[email protected]>  PGP public key by finger