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Re: Alt.Gvmt.Immorality

Responding to msg by Michael  Conlen:

The United States is made up of ignorant people who 
know what they need to get by in life, and do not want 
to take the time to do what it takes to improve 
themselves, ie. vote. As for morality, I feel it is 
somthing that we all wish to be but find it hard to be. 
I know I find it hard to be moral.

On the note, I offer this quote which is always amusing to me:

"The only claim made for any organized ideas of human nature is 
that everybody everywhere needs them in order to tell what is 
human, what is natural, what is worth knowing, what is worth 
having and how to get it, and all the other information 
necessary for getting through the day, week, year and lifetime. 
  .....That is human nature  -  to organize the data of human 
nature into a body of knowledge or working model.  That is what 
a working model or organized idea of human nature does:  it 
gives you the story about where everything belongs, and how and 
when and why it belongs there.

And as for people who wear comfortable shoes and assume 
nothing, they are usually killed very young while trying to 
cross the street.  Such people have no idea whatsoever about 
where anything belongs, or how and when and why it belongs 
there.  That makes it very difficult to stay alive, let alone 
to locate the real fact.  People who assume nothing have no 
working model of human nature to begin with and thus no way to 
assemble even the true story with its moral about what to pay 
attention to.
So that is how  a working model of human nature works.  It 
provides you with a frame of meaning and puts you in the 
picture.  And once you are there, you can see where you stand 
on such diverse issues as life and death.  You can find your 
point of view about taxes and clothing.  You can fix your 
position with regard to the schoolhouse, the alehouse, the 
whorehouse, the courthouse, and the electric chair.  In other 
words, a working model of human nature makes things visible, 
and you visible as well."

                 -   from "The Human Nature Industry", by Ward 
Cannel and June Macklin