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Re: More signs that key escrow is coming

Tim wrote:

>Things seem awfully quiet on the list the past 24 hours....
>Lucky Green wrote:
>> This RFP contains the final specs for a new multimedia architecture the
>> cable companies intend to deploy.
>> ".c4.  Security System Objectives:
>>  The Offeror shall specify [..] whether it is possible to hide information
>> in the digital signature number of which the signer would be unaware, which
>> could conceal information. "
>> Such as parts of the key?
>This sounds like it's a concern about subliminal channels in the
>DSS/DSA signatures, a la the concerns raised by Gus Simmons last year.
>I don't know what the use would be, unless it's concern (by whom?)
>that viewing preferences could be back-propagated.

The RFP is not just for a system that sends Multimedia to the subscriber.
The specs call for Homeshopping, private financial transactions, encrypted
credit card transaction, etc. Just what info do they intend to conceal that
the "the signer would be unaware" of?

Just wondering,

-- Lucky Green <[email protected]>  PGP public key by finger