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PGP 2.6.1 release from MIT


To:  All PGP users
Date:  2 Sep 94
Re:  PGP 2.6.1 release

MIT will be releasing Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) version 2.6.1 real soon
now.  By tomorrow, I think.  The MSDOS release filename will be
pgp261.zip, and the source code will be in pgp261s.zip.  The MIT FTP
site is [email protected], in the pub/PGP directory.

Be sure to adhere to US export restrictions when you redistribute PGP
after getting it from MIT.

Since Compuserve has an unfortunate restriction of 6-character
filenames, I don't know how they will handle the name collision of the
source archive filename.  I suggest that anyone who uploads the sources
to Compuserve rename the file pg261s.zip.  Just for Compuserve only.

This new version has a lot of bug fixes over version 2.6.  I hope this is
the final release of this family of PGP source code.  We've been working
on an entirely new version of PGP, rewritten from scratch, which is much
cleaner and faster, and better suited for the future enhancements we have 
planned.  All PGP development efforts will be redirected toward this
new code base, after this 2.6.1 release.

There are some important changes to the 2.6.1 manual, especially in the
Legal Issues section.  Please read the "Freeware Status and
Restrictions" section.  Especially those of you who want to make
changes to PGP.

I hope all PGP users are switching to the official MIT releases, now
that the new data formats have become effective on 1 Sept.  PGP 2.6, as
well as this new 2.6.1, will always be able to read messages,
signatures and keys produced by the older versions.  See the manual for
details.  PGP has many really cool new features planned in its future,
and these new features will require more new data formats to support
them.  Stay compatible by keeping up to date with the official PGP
releases from MIT.

This message may be reposted to all interested newsgroups.

- --Philip Zimmermann
  [email protected]

Version: 2.6