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Re: Curious content

Paul Ferguson writes:
> I'm not so sure I'm very fond of the quote that you used in the 
> As I did say this, and it _is_ true, it somehow lends conjecture to the
> scenario that Sprint is somehow involved with US Gov't wiretapping
> schemes.
> I'd appreciate it if you could either strike the quote or clarify it
> to reflect the true meaning of my remarks.
> Concerned,

I will remove it, in an upcoming release (may not be for several
weeks, as I noted in the docs), but it illustrates some interesting

1. That people's words on open lists are of course archived in many

2. Unless Paul's a speed reader, he probably grepped for his own name
to find what quotes were used, what credit was given, what mention was
made. I suspect a _lot_ of people will do that first thing. Some will
be pissed to _not_ find their name enough times (or at all, perhaps).
Others will want their words changed, their thoughts expanded upon.

3. In general, I don't want to encourage the dozens of you who are
quoted to send me messages asking for this. Your words are your words,
and others have been linking them in Web pages, quoting them, etc.

4. If someone thinks I _seriously_ am misrepresnting them (and I don't
think Paul can claim my comment did...after all, I was discussing the
heavy concentraiton of spooks and telcos in the Northern Virginia
nexus, and Paul was making the same point when he added the bit about
the NRO headquarters in Chantilly), then send me a private not and I
will consider taking some action.

(But don't take this as an invitation to grep for your name and then
ask for changes.)

--Tim May

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