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Curious content


I'm not so sure I'm very fond of the quote that you used in the 

             - As Paul Ferguson, Cypherpunk and manager at US Sprint,
                puts it: "We're located in Herndon, Virginia, right
                across the street from Dulles Airport and a hop, skip &
                jump down the street from the new NRO office.   ,-)"
                [P.F., 1994-08-18]

As I did say this, and it _is_ true, it somehow lends conjecture to the
scenario that Sprint is somehow involved with US Gov't wiretapping

I'd appreciate it if you could either strike the quote or clarify it
to reflect the true meaning of my remarks.


Paul Ferguson                         
US Sprint 
Managed Network Engineering                        tel: 703.904.2437 
Herndon, Virginia  USA                        internet: [email protected]