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                         SANDY SANDFORT
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


You won't believe what a chatterbox I'm going to be today.  This
is just the first of several posts I am planning.  Of course, the
most important must come first.

This week's installment of Acapulco H.E.A.T. was the second part
of a two-episode show called "Code Name: Stalemate."  As you may
recall, from last week, the story, set at a chess tournament in
Venezuela, involved the attempted assassination of an ex-KGB spy
named Andre by H.E.A.T.'s archenemy, Strake.  I should mention
that Andre was a dead ringer for Barry Goldwater (except with a
bad Russian accent.)

This week's episode hardly seemed connected to last week's.
Strake is still holding Krissie hostage, but he seems more intent
now on killing the entire H.E.A.T.  The actor who plays Strake, a
total megalomanic, completely chews the scenery in the worst case
of over-acting I've seen in years.  This, of course, leads to
gratuitous gun play (God, women with guns make me so hot), a boat
chase, an exploding boat and the inevitable climactic fist fight
between the Good Guy and the Bad Guy.  (The Good guy wins.)

During the show we have Strake bugging H.E.A.T. HQ and shutting
it down (again).  Only this time Ashley breaks the "Kasporov
algorithm" and breaks Stake's hold over the H.E.A.T. center AND
infiltrates Strake's system.  Strake also spoofs a phone call so
that H.E.A.T. can't trace it.  The Team uses small tracking
devices to locate kidnapped members (they are discovered).

I got some heat (pun intended) for not mentioning last week's
bikini/Fabio ratio.  When these episodes were make, Fabio was not
part of the Team.  They are all re-runs, so I don't know if he
was part of the original cast and dropped later, or the other way
around.  Anyway, no Fabio.

None of the principles were in bikinis, except for Krissie in the
romantic flashback Marcos had while she was being held hostage by
Strake.  A number of beach background scenes were used, however,
to pump up the bikini quotient.

Finally, we did have a curious exchange between Tony and Cat in
which he explained Zen.  It had something to do with water and
ice, but I guess I wasn't spiritual enough to grok it.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  My operatives are everywhere.  Even as I
write, one of them is on the trail of Alison Armitage .GIFs!  If
he is successful in bagging them, he will reveal his identity and
make said .GIFs available to interested Cypherpunks.

Stay tuned.

 S a n d y