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ANNOUNCEMENT: Bionomics 2nd Annual Conference, "The Next Economy- An Evolving Information Ecosystem"

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"World class... I found the spontaneous cross-pollination of ideas extremely
(Gilbert F. Amelio, President and CEO, National Semiconductor)

How is NEW TECHNOLOGY transforming the economy? 
How will IT alter the fundamental qualities of economic life?
Come explore the truths and consequences of the infoweb with us.
Because 19th Century answers can't solve 21st Century problems.

You are invited to attend the 

Bionomics Institute's 2nd Annual Conference: 
The Next Economy - An Evolving Information Ecosystem

October 21-22,1994
San Francisco Marriott

"It will rock your world."
(Bill Melton, Founder & Former Chairman, Verifone)

This two day event brings together leading-edge thinkers and doers from a
remarkable variety of disciplines for fresh insights into the technological,
economic, and political implications of the epochal shift from the Machine
Age to the Information Age.

Who We Are
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(Irwin Glenn, Principal Technologist, Massively Parallel Processing, Oracle

At The Bionomics Institute, we provide new ways to envision the emerging
Information Age economy and the changes it will bring to our personal lives,
business strategies and public policy.  We'll help you comprehend what is
happening and navigate the uncharted territory ahead.

Please join keynote speakers

>>>Walter Williams, leading free-market thinker, economist and defender of
personal liberty.  Prof. Williams has a nationally syndicated newspaper
column and is regularly featured on *Nightline*, *Face the Nation*,
 *Crossfire*, *Nightly Business Report*, *Wall St. Week* and

>>>Tom Ray,  artificial life pioneer, evolutionary biologist,  and creator of
the first Internet reserve for the evolution of digital organisms.  Prof.
Ray's groundbreaking work has been featured in *Newsweek*, *Science*,
*Wired*, *The Economist*  and many other publications.

as well as

>>John Perry Barlow, co-founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation, leading
defender of Information Age privacy

>>Admiral John Donegan (ret.), Commander, Naval Command, Control and Ocean
Surveillance Center

>>James Dowe, President, Excalibur Technologies

>>Jeffrey Eisenach, President, Progress and Freedom Foundation

>>Dee Hock, founder and CEO emeritus, VISA

>>Bernardo Huberman, Area Manager, Dynamics of Computation Group, Xerox Palo
Alto Research Center

>>Brewster Kahle, Pres. WAIS Inc., premier Internet navigation technology

>>Joel Kotkin, author of *TRIBES:  How Race, Religion & Identity Determine
Success in the  New Global Economy*

>>Don Lavoie, Director, Program on Social & Org'l Learning, George Mason

>>Axel Leijonhufvud, Director, Center for Computable Economics, UCLA

>>Randal O'Toole, Director & forest economist, Cascade Holistic Economic

>>Virginia Postrel, Editor, *Reason*  magazine-  "Free Minds & Free Markets"

>>Michael Rothschild, author of Bionomics, columnist for *Forbes ASAP* and

and some of the smartest people you've never heard of.

For those who still need convincing
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If you weren't there last year, you already missed one conference that 

"Is the second best conference I attend each year."
(Dan Lynch, Chairman and Founder, INTEROP conference,  Sante Fe Institute

"Provided more info in five minutes than seven days of a standard business
(Dave Padden, Founder, Heartland Institute, and Board Member, Cato Institute)

"Taught us lessons we use every day."
(Leo Linbeck, Jr., Chairman & CEO, Linbeck Corporation, and former Chairman,
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

"Was one of the most well organized and exciting programs I have ever
(John Baden, Chairman, Foundation for Research on Economics & the

Has a "high-powered exchange of ideas...during two intense days."  
(Robert Poole, Jr., President, Reason Foundation)

Don't miss another.

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San Francisco Marriott
October 21-22, 1994

Become a sponsor and receive an invitation to the VIP speakers' reception
before the conference and a special mention in the program, as well as your
conference attendance (and The Bionomics Institute's deepest gratitude).

$1,000 Sponsor    
$   345  Regular
$   295  Early (by 9/15)
$   100  Student/Non-Profit

Register by 9/15 (VISA/Mastercard/Checks) and receive $50 off plus a copy of
"Pre-existing Condition" -- a bionomic analysis of health care policy 

The Bionomics Institute
415/454-1000 (voice)
415/454-7460 (fax)
[email protected]

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The Economy:  It's Alive!