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Re: (fwd) A new PGP

> > This posting is a call for participation in a complete rehash of PGP to
> > parallel the existing PGP effort in the US.  All contributions are welcome,
> > although any cryptographic material from the US won't be usable by anyone else,
> > so it'd be best if all crypto work was done outside the US. 

I am working on a crypto package. It will be able to read and write
Selane, PEM and PGP messages and to handle (and convert where possible)
all keys. I am writing in C++. And I am sitting in Germany. ;-)

Who is interested in discussing the design of such a program?

BTW: Who defines new tags in the PGP format?  Phil Zimmermann?

Hadmut Danisch
E.I.S.S.    (European Institute for System Security,
             University of Karlsruhe)