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Remailers and hobbyism & new version of software (Was: The Importance of Filtering)


[email protected] (Timothy C. May) once said:

TC> The filtering/reptuations/volume issue has come up again.                   

    [massive deletia]

TC> (Yes, Robert Hayden did this for a few weeks. While it may not have         
TC> been his "fault" that it went down, it shows the generally flaky and        
TC> catch-as-catch-can nature of so many part-time, hobbyist systems. Like      
TC> the remailers that go down when the laptop running it gets taken to         
TC> Spain for the summer :-}. A "for profit" service, at some quarterly         

Well, the [email protected] is BACK ! Note the CHANGE OF
ADDRESS ! I enjoyed my time in Spain, working as a DJ and
PR-person. I used the laptop only once, to look up an address....

There's also a new version of the remailer software for Waffle 1.65.
The current version is now 2.02, and it supports now "Anon-To",
"Anon-Alternate-ID" now (only in 'penet' mode), and it now uses
the SPAWNO routines by Ralf Brown to minimize memory use while
running other programs (e.g. PGP).

    [more deletia]



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