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REMAIL: scripts

Recently, somebody mentioned writing scripts to assist in using the
remailers (I deleted the message and can't remember who it was).  

I used to keep a remailer list, and generated simple unix Bourne shell
scripts and DOS batch files to do exactly this; however, I'm cleaning
up my account and now defer to superior products: (Matt Ghio's and
Raph Levien's remailer lists are better, and Hal Finney's chain
program is more functional than the scripts).

But, if they may be of some use to somebody, I just made available the
various PERL scripts, makefiles, etc. I once used to generate the
above mentioned scripts.  It is available via anonymous ftp at
chaos.bsu.edu in pub/cypherpunks/incoming as klb.scripts.tar.gz.  The
remailer data file included is fairly old and will need updating if
somebody wants to toy with the scripts, etc.

Karl L. Barrus: [email protected]         
2.3: 5AD633;   D1 59 9D 48 72 E9 19 D5  3D F3 93 7E 81 B5 CC 32 
2.6: 088C8F21; 97 73 9E 8B 98 3E DD B5  E8 97 64 7E 20 95 60 D9
"One man's mnemonic is another man's cryptography" - K. Cooper