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Sendmail hacking (was (fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?")

   While Eric's way of doing things works, I reccomend asking your
   systems manager to look at installing procmail as the Mlocal agent.

This is good advice, for different reasons.  I do realize that the
stated reasons in the little tutorial were for mail sorting, but I
really worked it out for remailer addressing.  Installing procmail for
local delivery does make filtering easier.

The idea is that I could, for example, take an address, for example
[email protected], which is really addressed to someone else, and
map it in my own mail filter, at the user level, to the real
recipient.  This address is a real first class address, not just a
comment in an address field, and is guaranteed to work wherever
email is supported.

Now as far as politics go, I wrote that tutorial in such a way that
you could give it to your sysadmin and have them do the work.  The
"explanation" at the beginning is a prepackaged excuse for why you
want it. ;->