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Re: (fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?"

In article <[email protected]> DFC did write:

: >(In this interpretation, the remailers that many of us have talked
: >about, designed, written software, run on our systems, etc., could be
: >considered to be part of a conspiracy, should Bidzos, Mykotronx,
: >ClariNet, the Feds, etc., choose to focus on remailers as "a
: >continuing criminal enterprise.")

: But we designed and deployed the remailers not as part of a criminal
: enterprise but in an attempt to *generally* protect privacy.  We may also
: have wanted to weaken some of the control measures inherent in the TCP/IP
: protocols.  

: No US Attorney is going to be interested in the sort of messy political case
: that would be involved in remailer prosecutions.

Please keep in mind that the US jurisdiction doen't cover the whole earth.

(There is life outside the US)

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