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Re: (fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?"

On Sep 20,  1:43pm, Alex de Joode wrote:
> : No US Attorney is going to be interested in the sort of messy political
> : that would be involved in remailer prosecutions.

> Please keep in mind that the US jurisdiction doen't cover the whole earth.

But the US government over the past decade have made several moves which
tend to indicate that they DO consider their juristiction to pass their
borders.  If memory serves me correctly, the original US Crime Bill also
included sections which made the killing of a US citizen outside the US
a crime (punishable by death no less), which is clearly an extension of US
laws past US borders.  And let's not forget Panama.

> (There is life outside the US)

A small aside, but a couple of years back I was the system admin on an
educational political simulation run over the Internet between Macquarie
University, Georgetown University and another University in Texas which
will remain unnamed to protect the guilty.  During the setup phases, the system
admin from Texas informed us that he had setup an alias called "world".
Sadly, he could not understand the hilarity at the Georgetown and Macquarie
ends when we discovered that "world" consisted of only accounts in Texas.

Fortunately, the next time we played the simulation we got a much better
system admin who realised that there was physical existance past the Texan