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(FWD) New Remailer & "Bit Bucket"

I didn't see this on the list, so I'm forwarding for general interest:

I would like to announce a new remailer:
nately <[email protected]>

Send mail to the remailer with the subject "remailer-help" for instructions.

This is a Ghio type remailer with one change.
Rather than processing incoming messages immediately, I hold them in a
pool. Periodically (once per minute for now) the pool is checked. If it
holds more than n messages (currently five) then random messages are
selected and send to the remailer script until only n messages remain.

An undocumented feature of this remailer is that it can act as a bit
bucket. All messages requesting forwarding to "null" will be trashed. I am
pleased to act as a bit bucket for the purposes of increasing traffic
through the web of remailers.

I am a graduate student in astrophysics, this is the computer on my desk,
and I am root.  I am the primary user of this computer. The other
occasional users are five graduate students with better things to do than
mess with your messages. It should be stable for 2 or 3 years (till I get
the Ph.D.) baring any serious legal hassles.

Lance Cottrell  who does not speak for CASS/UCSD
[email protected]
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