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I've finally gotten all the posts from Merriman, Barber, and May (no
relation), and am in agreement with them more so than I am with either
Sandfort or Donald. I guess democracy wins again, eh?

David Merriman writes, quoting Sandy initially:

> >Would you do business with a escrow that was the bag man for
> >contract murders?  
> But if the system is set up for total anonymity, _who would know_ that an
> escrow agent was the "bag man"? Just like no one would know who the
> contractee was, or the contractor:
> =========================================================
> Date: 21 Sep 2003 07:59:53 -0700 (PDT)
> From: [email protected]
> Subject: HIT MAN Needed
> To: alt.jobs.hitmen
> Contract killing needed.  5,000 credit bonus if "accidental", additional
> 5,000 credits is done within 30 days.  If interested, post MegaCrypted bid
> to alt.jobs.hitmen, specifying escrow agency, and using message ID in
> subject line.
> MegaCrypt v3.7 key:
> dijfwoiertqwgsdfjiwqfnwenfgwiegeowqt-384`=3jkig918ur5=`9ur2ihg

Not enough entropy here! MegaCrypt v3.7 is clearly a charade. Probably
an FBI sting to catch contract killers.

But David is right in his point. 

--Tim May

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