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art encryption...


On Monday, 19-Sep-94 Lile Elam wrote to cypherpunks:

> Well, it looks like I have to delve into this subject as I should
> really know what's available for signing art.

PHOTO>Electronic Imaging vol. 37 no. 6, 1994 had a couple of very
comprehensive articles on copyright protection trends.  The list of
available products included:
Stego (Mac shareware) which can embed data in and retrieve data from PICT
images w/o changing the appearance or size.  They plan to add other image
formats as well as audio and video for both Mac & PeeCee platforms.
Nikon is developing a method of incorporating an electronic signature into
their digital cameras.  This signature would include lens settings,
exposure, time/date, plus the photographer's personal digital signature.
They want it to be compatible with AOCE (below).
AOCE (Apple Open Collaboration Environment technology) is integrated into
Mac System 7 Pro as Digital Signature Manager and, guess what, it uses RSA
licensed public-key encryption.
Kodak and RSA are working on an encryption scheme for photo CDs where only
the low-res images are freely viewable, the hi-res ones require a key to
Common Ground (Mac & PeeCee) saves text and images as a Portable Document
Format(PDF) and has security built-in that can restrict the text/graphics
from being copied or printed.
Kodak Pro Photo CD allows copyright information and color settings to be
tagged onto any image.  This information can latter be read by Kodak Photo
CD Access Plus or Photo CD programmer's toolkit.
(icky toggle methods not transcribed)

For futher reading they suggest, "Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
on the Information Superhighways" by Joseph L. Ebersole.  The paper
includes discussion of laws, copyright management, encryption, standards,
and glyphs-to-video steganography.  Published by the Information Industry
Association(IIA), Washington, D.C.

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