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Re: Cyphernomicon FAQ -- Review in "Wired"

[email protected] (Timothy C. May):

> 1. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh tells me he has committed to write a review of the
> Cyphernomicon FAQ for "Wired," for either December or January publication.
> I had nothing to do with this, and it surprised me when he contacted me to
> notify me. (I reminded him of the "pre-release" status, the

It surprised _me_ that you put this on the list - magazines usually don't care
to announce their future stories so much in advance, but this is a little 
review and cypherpunks are noted for their discretion ;-) so I guess it's ok.

As far as the "usefulness" of info on "advanced stuff", and the "questions it 
will generate" - awareness is all about arousing curiousity. It will be a Good 
Thing if people who keep reading about the nuclear terrorists and pedophiles 
can come and see for themselves what _really_ goes on on the list. Of course 
the membership may soar for a while before declining again, but _some_ new 
useful people are bound to join.

> 3. Hal Abelson, Professor of Computer Science at MIT, has asked me if he
> could convert the FAQ into a Web document for his class on "ETHICS AND LAW

If he does a good job, then it would be nice. A web is really the best way to
browse through so much inter-related info.

> 4. Yes, I still have concerns about multiple, out-dated copies floating
> around. I worry about people going to great lengths to "Webify" the version

Come on. Responsible sysadmins regularly mirror updates - from the thousands of
PGP sites to the dozens who download 6 mb of movie databases each week. Every
one does not get in sync as soon as the new release is out, but these things
usually don't take more than a week.

> 5. Rishab is especially anxious to get CompuServe, AOL, etc., versions
> available, or referenced in his review in "Wired." Thus, if any of you want

Scott Loftesness ([email protected]), the primary SysOp of CompuServe's 
Telecom and Internet Forums says he'll have the Cyphernomicon in both forums:


Worst comes to worst, WIRED can put it up in their forums at AOL etc.

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