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Think you're a hacker, eh?

Well, the only thing the pseudohackers seem to be able to do is
forge-cancel postings that make them feel bad.  So here it is again,
with some extra data at the bottom.

[email protected] (Marcus J Ranum) writes:
> >                           Sidewinder:
> >               Internet Security That Strikes Back
> 	Security software that strikes back? This sounds
> cool. Is it like tcp_wrappers with the -retaliate option?
> 	:)
> mjr.

No, it's actually Type Enforcement with the -patented option.

        :)  :)

Anybody wanting to bang into it for real can take a run at
sidewinder.com ( for the DNS-impaired). If we configured
it with the product-level LOCKout I&A then nobody would get in far
enough to bump into Sidewinder's defense in depth.  So we left the
door open a crack by allowing password-based logins (and what *are*
those passwords?  Well, hackerfolk, that's for us to know and you to
find out).

We particularly await the net.chatterers from the dank lowlands, who
we invite to slip out of their wooden shoes, clear the pot fumes from
their heads and show that xs4all can walk the walk as well as talk the
talk.  And of course we'd love to encounter Chaos Club (aka the Milli
Vanilli of the Internet). Do hope that they can find time between
press conferences to rememeber how its done.

And our thanks to the uninvited visitors to sidewinder.com who helped
us debug in the last couple of weeks.  Pity that you can't enjoy the
munged gifs of solar eclipses that we set up under hotcha file names
as much as we enjoyed tracking your downloads. The breakin attempts
were pretty pathetic (we thought the folks from oz were better than
that, actually). Sorry to inform you that all that stuff you sniffed
and saw was bogus.  NetAdapts don't exist, nobody uses a STU-III to
login on Internet, and the progress reports were a figment of our
imagination. Hope you enjoyed the play as much as we enjoyed putting
it on.  Now please stay away and leave room in the log files for the
next bunch of suckers.

---------------------- begin additional data -------------

Well, it's been pretty quiet here at the old secure site.  Seems the
vaunted hackers are real good at sniffing reusable passwords from
bilgewater.edu and clueless.com but they're not so brave when it comes
to running up against a real system.

The official announcement is on Oct 11th, which is when we take
sidewinder.com off the net.  So, you self-proclaimed wizard hackers,
you have until then to get to the machine which is on the other side
of sidewinder.com.  After that we play for keeps, and start putting
you out of business one Sidewinder site at a time.

So come on, wizzies, make our day.  Or be forever exposed for what you
are, a bunch of self-promoters who do the net.equivalent of snatching
purses from old ladies and then crow about what a tough bunch of
outlaws you are.

Personal invitations have been sent to sexlessbe4all and the Chaos
Chickenheart Club.  The rest of you know who and what you are.

able baker

([email protected])