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Not a good time for me, I'm afraid.  I'm on the radio at that hour every
Saturday (and I don't get back to the city till 3 or so).  Actually, I'm
missing my show that day anyway because I'm going away for the weekend.
Would it be possible to do it some Sunday instead (though not the 9th, of
course), or a weeknight?  If not, I'll catch the next meeting, I guess
(unless it's on a Saturday afternoon).

Would Sunday the 16th be OK for this meeting, or do folks not want to wait
that long?


P.S.: My apartment would also be available for future meetings if it's needed.

At  7:43 AM 9/29/94 -0700, Sandy Sandfort wrote:
>                         SANDY SANDFORT
> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
>I've been having Cypherpunks-physical-meetings withdrawal since
>leaving the SF Bay Area.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to conjure
>up a venue nor enough folks for the Cypherpunks anniversary last
>month.  For October, however, I've gotten a firm offer of the NYC
>living room of a local Cypherpunk (Hero of the Revolution).  I
>also have compiled a list of a dozen and a half current C'punks
>and interested fellow travellers.  Unless some problem comes up,
>we'll be getting together on the 8th of October at noon or so.
>If you are interested in attending, and we *haven't* communicated
>already, drop we some e-mail.  Also, if you know anyone who might
>want to be on the Cypherpunks list, give me their contact info so
>I can invite them.
>We'll have ever so much fun.
> S a n d y

Dave Mandl
[email protected]