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Consumer Report: RSA T-Shirt

I got my RSA tee-shirt the other day..

It came promptly and both of the shirts I ordered came. It
was oddly shipped in a near see-through pouch.

I'm happy over all with the shirt, the quality of the printing, and
the construction of the Tee (all cotton, name brand tee)..

I have only one complaint. THat is the "machine readable" rsa barcodes.

TO my eye the printing job there is rather poor. I doubt it is
machine readable (althought I don't have a 128 barcode reader to
try it out with)..

I'm disappointed as I doubt that the 4 line RSA code is NOT exportable
since text books have been allowed previously to be exported. Machine
readable materials have been called into question. My thoughts are
that if it is not machine readable the shirt is much more a novelity
then an munition (which is sorta why I bought it to begin with.. to be

Of course I hoped to be the first one on my block to own one. But when
I went into the drug store the clerk asked me where I got it, noting
someone else was just in there wearing one...

                Harry Hawk
                Manager of Computer Services
                Warwick Baker & Fiore
                212 941 4438
                [email protected]