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Re: Only 1/3 of Government Computers Down So Far

At 12:29 pm 8/9/95, [email protected] wrote:
>        Many people are interested in cryptology because they don't
>want the NSA (among others) invading their privacy.  The Foster story
>concerns the chief NSA privacy-invasion of modern times:  spying on
>domestic banking transactions.  So it's relevant.
>        The Grand Inquisitor role is getting a little old.  So if
>you want to continue to play it, my response is:  Fuck Off.

I'm thankful that someone can occassionally (or even always) point out that the messages are getting rather far from what is considered the main topics of the list. This is a very high volume mailing list, at least three times as high as anything else I try to read. I didn't subscribe to a conspiracy buff list but it is not my intention to go out of my way to insult anyone here. But there are lists (aren't there?) for people who find such speculation interesting.

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