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Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

At 1:36 PM 8/11/95, Ray Cromwell wrote:

>  My question is, how portable is it, and does it work over TCP/IP rather
>than just modem connections (I suggested this about a year ago)? My ideal
>implementation would function on the following architectures:
>Unix: can be used through either /dev/tty?? or Socket (probably want
>to use UDP). Works on Solaris, IRIX, AIX, NetBSD/FreeBSD/BSDI and Linux.
>(audio devices are all proprietary)
>Windows: uses Window's sound card device drivers, works via either
>comport or WinSock
>Mac: uses Mac sound drivers, uses Mac modem port or MacTCP

From the "MacWeek" article, it initially runs on the Macintosh, using the
sound capabilities built into (nearly) all Macs. Direct modem connections,
with Internet versions to follow. (Windows to follow, too.)

Sound quality with 9600 baud modems said to be pretty good, quality with
14.4 modems said to be very good, and quality with 28.8 modems said to be
better than standard phone quality.

The Mac may be a strange platform to develop on, to many of you, but it has
some advantages. The sound tools are relatively standardized and are even
built into the OS. Developers can thus count on what users will have.

But why the developers actually picked the Mac to do first is something
they can talk about.

--Tim May

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