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hard hymns

>Ok, I guess I'll jump in here, too.  Since I am an organist, I will
list a few hymns I've noticed the congregation having difficulty

#56  O Come, O Come, Immanuel  - in the new hymnal, it has been changed
to be more authentic, but since people are used to the 1940 timing, they
stumble every time.

#688  A Mighty Fortress - Same reason as above.

#208  The Strife is O'er - they do great on the verse, but really, I
have never figured out what they do on the Antiphon!!!  They certainly
aren't with me!

In our congregation - any hymn not previously in the 1940 hymn book!
They always groan afterwards - "we don't know that one."  Also, "we
can't do a new hymn at the beginning, the choir would stumble coming in",
"we can't do a new hymn at the Gospel - too important a place", we can't
do a new hymn post communion - it would interfere with devotion and
thanksgiving after Eucharist and we don't want to irritate people" and
"we can't do a new hymn at the end because the choir would stumble and
we need to end on a familiar uplifting note."  If anyone else has
experienced this sort of thing, I would welcome suggestions.  I am hoping
that our new rector, when he arrives in October, will also be able to

Vicki Penny
St. Peter's - Kansas City