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   8-16-95. NYPaper:

   "The F.B.I. and Ruby Ridge." [Editorial]

      Since the paranoid days of J. Edgar Hoover, the F.B.I.
      has been struggling to free itself of an institutional
      incapacity to admit its mistakes and punish wrongdoing
      by senior officials. Mr. Freeh, who was entrusted with
      this task, seems to have put misplaced confidence in a
      longtime friend and associate. Mr. Freeh is said to be
      infuriated that his trust was abused. Well he should be
      furious -- especially at himself.

   "Separatist Family Given $3.1 Million From Government."

      The Government agreed today to pay $3.1 million to the
      family of a white separatist whose wife and teen-age son
      were killed three years ago by Federal agents in a
      standoff on a remote Idaho mountainside. The decision to
      give Mr. Weaver and his children any money was
      particularly stunning, since Federal prosecutors tried
      two years ago to have him convicted in the killing of a
      Federal marshal at Ruby Ridge, and sought the death
      penalty. Federal investigators involved in the case were
      rebuked by the judge who presided over the trial. The
      case has also taken on political dimensions. Some
      conservative groups have cited the shootout, along with
      the 1993 F.B.I. assault on the Branch Davidian compound
      near Waco, Tex., as examples of Government abuse of