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Re: Export policy change

At 3:48 AM 8/18/95, Rich Salz wrote:
>Just heard on the 11:30pm NPR news update.  The Clinton Administration
>has changed the crypto export policy.  You will now be allowed to
>export strong crypto, provided it is a key escrow system.  The
>reporter (Dan Charles?) said something like anyone can hold the keys,
>as long as they will be made avail when presented with a court order.
>He also said, US citizens will still be able to use strong crypto
>without key escrow internally.  Terrorists and drug pushers were given
>as "reasons."

And I want to formally announce "Tim's Sort of Good Escrow Service."

I accept keys, thus meeting Our Leader's dictum, but can't really say the
keys will be retrievable, as my floppies often get warped from sitting in
the sun.

Hey, if "anyone can hold the keys"....

Somehow I doubt this. I suspect that any mandatory GAK key escrow system
will involve all sorts of hoops which must be jumped through, all sorts of
approvals which must be gotten, etc.

My neighbor has agreed to be the escrow agent for my keys. He doesn't know
anything about computers, so he's taking my word that the things I give him
every couple of months are disks. He figures that if the Justice Department
ever asks for them, he'll point to the dusty box on the floor of his garage
and say, "There they be."

--Tim May

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