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Re: Export policy change

At 12:12 AM 8/18/95, Timothy C. May wrote:

>My neighbor has agreed to be the escrow agent for my keys. He doesn't know
>anything about computers, so he's taking my word that the things I give him
>every couple of months are disks. He figures that if the Justice Department
>ever asks for them, he'll point to the dusty box on the floor of his garage
>and say, "There they be."

You wouldn't want them to get *dusty*, Tim. Why not embed them in something
like epoxy, better, Lexan, to protect them from the elements? Say about a
foot thick in all directions... Should make sure the media itself is
sufficiently coated too. Don't want the little electrons getting hurt, you

I see a market opportunity here. Time to buy DuPont stock. I hear it's been
depressed lately.

Bob Hettinga

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