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Re: A glance at the future of missing child identification


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>These transponders are already used for many year. They inject
>them in pigs and cows to identify them. And some car manufacturers
>put the into the ignition keys as theft protections.

Sure, the technology is nothing new. Still, it deserves our attention.

>Technology is not new. Perhaps it is already used for criminals?
>Somewhere I heard that in America criminals are sentenced to stay
>at home because the jails are overfilled. A sender is attached to 
>their leg and the police is informed if he leaves his home.

Yes, this is being done. The programs are expected to be extended, because
housing an inmate is expensive.

>But it might be difficult to hide them on x-ray images...

No need to hide them if they are implated voluntary with the first polio
shot or required for ex-cons.

BTW, is there a futures market that allows you to bet real money?

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