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Re: Newton 2

<<crossed to cypherpunks>>

>At 8:56 AM 8/21/95, Robert Patoine wrote:
>>Metroworks do Have a C Compiler for the Newton Hardware develloped for
>>Sony-Magic Cap OS
>Magic Cap works on Magic Cap PDAs.  The newton is not one of them.
>Motorola uses magic cap for their PDAs, and I think AT&T does as well, but
>that's an uncertainty.

Considering that AT&T markets PersonaLink as an e-mail service for
MagicCap users i suspect they do support MagicCap in at least one of
their PDAs.  PersonaLink is, i believe, related to Telescript, which is
the scripting language for MagicCap (OK, it's a bit more than a scripting
language, but i'm not that into it).

I've heard a few times that not having a C compiler prevents the implementation
of PGP.  Why?  Do the RSA people refuse to license a non-C implementation.
If so, can they still enforce their patent against someone who implemented
it on a
platform that didn't have a C compiler?

But then i hear that the Newton will have some support for C development
this year.