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SSLbrute progress.

Date: Thu Aug 24 20:02:47 GMT 1995

Two hours into it, and the key numbers that brclient is returning
show about 5% allocated already....  That brings this to closure
in around 24 hours - 12hours for 1/2 the space.

Although - I also just checked the status, and it doesn't seem to be up to
date with the keys I am getting, and it doesn't show any that it
does have under my name as being acked.  This could be just a delay
thing I guess, but it could also be that I just updated brloop
and brclient to the latest versions.

Has anyone else thought of putting Damien's slave code that 
checks for idle tty's, etc into brutessl?

Dan Oelke                                  Alcatel Network Systems
[email protected]                             Richardson, TX